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How to choose the right silicone baking mat

Your silicone baking mat is a versatile kitchen tool that you can use to bake almost anything in the kitchen that doesn’t require a deep container. Whether you are whipping together a batch of cookies or you are baking a savory

Ear Stretching Then and Now

Though it is recently gaining mainstream popularity, the art and practice of ear stretching have been around for a very long time. This is a custom that can be traced back to both men and women in indigenous cultures like those

Let Your Tongue Do the Talking

The tongue is an extraordinary organ; it is inundated with both harmful and helpful bacteria every day and still manages to be one of the fastest healing organs in the human body. The tongue allows us to chew our food, make

Finding the perfect cupcake boxes

After you make a glorious and decadent looking cupcake, you have to protect it with the right container. There are many different food containers you could use for storage but they wouldn’t provide the same fun design as cupcake boxes. These

How to use gumpaste cutters in cake decorating

From creating beautiful flowers to laced edges, butterflies, and frills, there is no end to the decorative accents you can create just by using gumpaste cutters. These handy cake decorating tools are everything you need to make lovely accents on your