Month: October 2014

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12 Tips on How to Dress for Brunch

Most people can put together an outfit for a dressy dinner date, and figuring out what to wear to lunch isn't terribly difficult. However, brunch is one of those awkward times when even the trendiest fashionistas may struggle to find just the right balance of dressy...

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Great Reasons to Buy Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns appeal to many people for many reasons. They are uniquely designed to be good for playing, and collecting. Airsoft Guns are Fun to Play With Whether you’re a target shooter or someone who likes to play war games with friends, Airsoft guns give you the...

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Skip Hop Diaper Bags

For new moms, the diaper bag is a necessity. You carry it everywhere with you: the park, the zoo, and family gatherings. But it doesn't need to be a frumpy, stained bag with weird pockets jutting out everywhere. Skip Hop diaper bags are designed so you can look...

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