4 Ways to Get Your Oriental Rugs Deep-Cleaned

Excellent carpet care is essential to home maintenance. And while regular vacuuming can reduce soil and dirt buildup in the fibers, there’s nothing like deep cleaning the fibers to remove dust, greasy residues, and allergens.

Don’t try to rent a machine to deep clean your carpets by yourself, though, the Family Handyman says. If you don’t have the time, tools and know-how, you’ll be better off skipping the DIY approach. Bring your carpets and rugs to cleaning experts instead to make your carpets last twice as long – if not longer. Here are effective strategies for finding one.

You get what you pay for

Cheap cleaning services aren’t ideal. They often cut corners, which could leave your carpets looking the worse for wear. Look for reputable oriental rug cleaning services in Houston instead.

Do your homework

Check out the company’s background and history. How long has it been in business? What kind of qualifications and credentials does it have? These will give you plenty of information to help you decide if you’ve found the right cleaning team or not.

Look for feedback

Find out what other clients are saying about the company and its services. Are they happy and satisfied with the service and results they got? Check the trend of the reviews to see whether it’s positive or negative. Use that to guide your decisions.

Call and ask

Do you have an old Persian rug, Turkish or Chinese rug and you want to make sure the cleaners know how to handle them? Call and ask. Do they bleach the rug tassels or cotton fringes, for instance? That’s going to dry the material and make them brittle over time. If they don’t seem to know how to care for your rug properly, then you know you’ll need to look elsewhere for better oriental rug cleaning service in Houston.

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