Are You a Keen Collector of Fixed Blade Knives?

Times have never been better for collectors of blades of all types, including fixed blade knives and swords. The good news for collectors is that there is a rapidly growing interest in knives and blades, and this means that the market is growing wider all the time. Indeed, many modern takes on vintage knives, swords, and other weapons have increased in value, making them ideal collection pieces for the enthusiast.

Choosing a Good Blade

If you’re a keen collector, it’s important to choose quality over quantity. While it is true that there are many blades to choose from in both the local and overseas market, they are not all made equally. The following are some things to look for in good blades, whether they are fixed blade knives or swords:

  • Strength: The first thing that every blade enthusiast needs to determine is the durability and strength of a blade. From hunting knives to throwing knives, it is important that the blade and handle fit perfectly together and that there is no movement in any part of the blade or the handle. There are lots of inferior quality blades out there, and one indicator of this is a blade being of poor build quality and having unacceptable movement.
  • Balance: All fixed blade knives such as throwing knives and swords need to feature a desirable feel and balance when held in the hand. A finely balanced blade will not slide too much one way or the other and should feel balanced.

Building Your Blade Collection

Though there are people who collect only swords or only fixed blade knives, there are also many enthusiasts who aim to include blades of all types in their collection. Look at for more information on superior quality swords, fixed blades, and folding blades of all types.

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