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Experience the Thrifty Life!

If you’re looking to draw more customers while also supporting the community through your thrift store, the Thrift Life is the place for you. Created to showcase businesses that help people save money while also helping local programs, the Thrift Life

Improve Your Sleep Position At Night to Reduce Reflux

When it comes to sleeping at night, if acid reflux is happening to you, you probably are not spending any real time asleep. Your position can impact this. If you change the position in which you sleep, it may be possible

How to Help Your Kitty Litter Area Stay Fresh

No matter how attentive you are when it comes to your kitty litter area, odors can begin to overtake the room and spread throughout the house. Incorporating the use of super-absorbent pet pads for cat litter boxes will dramatically reduce the

Making Cupcakes That Are Just Right

When you bite into a cupcake, you want the texture to be light and fluffy instead of dense. If you want your cupcakes to have the texture is often enjoyed by those who delight in these sweet treats along with having

Creative New Ideas for Breakfast Dishes Using Smoked Maple Syrup

When it comes to making breakfast for your family, are you looking for some fresh ideas? Maybe you want to prepare some dishes that will surprise and please your loved ones. With a little creativity, you can come up with a