Creative Baking Decorations 101

Even if you’re not a great baker, decorating your cupcakes, cookies, and other goods can go a long way in creating hunger and appeal. Using supplies such as cupcake stands, stencils, silver dragees, boxes, and more can transform your plain cupcakes into beautiful, cute ones. Your family and friends will be gobbling them up and praising your work in no time!

For your next baking project, here’s a list of some fun decorating products you can use:

  • Cupcake stands. These are stands specifically manufactured to hold your cupcakes in an organized formation. They are simple, cheap, and perfect in a pinch!

  • Gold, color, and silver dragees. Dragees are small, shimmery balls you can sprinkle on frosting and cookies. They’re often used on Christmas cookies. Be careful, though! According to, the FDA has not approved dragees for consumption.

  • Stencils. Do you want to write precise calligraphy or draw that cute design, but you don’t have the steady hand for it? Stencils specifically made for baking are small enough for you to apply on cookies and cakes. You can pick up stencils designed for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and more!

  • Baking molds. Whether you want your cupcakes to be perfectly round for your cake-pop needs, or whether you want them cute and cat-shaped, baking molds will do just the trick. They are often reusable, so you can create multiple batches!

  • Isomalt. Isomalt is a sugar substitute, but you can use it for decorating your cakes. You can use isomalt molds to form the sugar into little edible, sweet decorations. Check out a more detailed tutorial at The Spruce.

There are many more types of decorations you can use to spruce up your next baking project. Be the envy of your family and friends as you bring your cupcakes, cookies, or cakes into your next gathering!

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