How Parents Can Help Tween Girls Find the Right Clothing

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Shopping

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Tween girls usually want to feel and look more grown up because they are at that age where they think they shouldn’t be treated like a child, but not quite old enough to make their own decisions. If your tween wants to purchase clothing that is too revealing or has suggestive writing, you may be wondering how to find the right clothes that she will like to wear.


The first thing to do is change where your daughter shops. If she enjoys going to places where everything looks too revealing or grown up, you may need to do some research for other clothing stores that offer more modest and age-appropriate clothes. If your daughter has friends that dress appropriate, ask them or their parents where they shop to get an idea.

Online Boutiques

Going online is a great way to find acceptable and fashionable clothes for tween girls. Look for brands that specifically target their age group while delivering great trends just right for their age. There are brands for every budget and style, a great brand will offer variety season after season.


Whenever your daughter wears appropriate clothing without you having to tell her, give her compliments, saying it makes her look older or that she looks beautiful. Most of the time, tween girls are just trying to get attention and if you provide positive attention for the right items, she will be more apt to choose appropriate clothing.


Change Your Approach

If you wear suggestive clothing at home or for special occasions, consider changing your style. While you are an adult and can ultimately wear whatever you want, your daughter is taking her cue from you. If you like to wear low-cut or see-through clothing while going out with friends or on dates, your daughter will think it’s appropriate for her, as well.


While this should be your last resort if nothing else works, consider incentives for your daughter. For every day she wears appropriate attire, you give her a cash gift, trip or a special item. This means she will be motivated to make positive fashion choices while you reward her good judgment. Sometimes as parents we need to speak their language to get positive results. You may even want to purchase the first outfit or going “halfsies” with your daughter, meaning you pay half of the price and she pays the other half. This will interest her more because she isn’t spending all of her money on the items she wants and you have more control over where she shops.

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