Enjoy a Cruise Wedding and Get Married While in Port

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Gifts

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Nothing is more relaxing than taking a cruise to the beautiful Caribbean. When you consider how relaxing a cruise can be, why not make it a breath-taking moment that you will never forget? Plan a Caribbean cruise wedding and while you are at port in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, Barbados, or Belize you can have the wedding you always wanted. There are many different cruise lines that port in the Caribbean. All you need to do is contact a wedding planner that can assist you in planning your wedding in paradise in accordance with the cruise line’s port schedule. Your wedding will be legal when you use the expert services of wedding planners with many years of experience planning special nuptials.

Schedule Your Wedding While in Port

When you work with your wedding planner to schedule nuptials while in port, every detail will be handled so you can relax. Of course your big day is going to be scheduled around the time you port and can be set at the time of day that is best for you too. From the moment you step from the cruise ship you will be swept away into a magical experience that leads up to your wedding. It all starts with a quick trip to the Marriage License office, if the trip is needed not all islands require this to take place. Once you have legally signed for your marriage license then you can relax. Your wedding design team will take care of the rest and make sure your wedding site is prepared exactly how you envision it.

The Wedding Ceremony

Once you and your wedding party are dressed and ready, you will be escorted to the ceremony site. This is where the true magic begins. With the beautiful scenery, a warm tropical breeze and the first notes of the wedding march beginning you will be walking down the aisle to your loved one. Every aspect of your dreamy wedding will have been planned ahead of time. This includes photography after the wedding, the reception, and toasting. All of the amenities that were included in your package will be enjoyed to the fullest in a lush tropical setting. Once all of the wedding revelry has come to an end, you and your wedding party will be taken back to the cruise ship. There is no better way to start your marriage than with a cruise to and from your desired wedding destination.

Dreamy Weddings is happy to help you plan a Caribbean cruise wedding. Put all of the special details and plans in their hands and let them show you how to enjoy getting ready for your wedding without any stress.

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