Why Direct to Garment Printing Is Used Instead of Screen Printing in New Port Richey

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Online Shopping

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Custom printed tee-shirts can be used for many purposes. Small businesses can use them as uniform tops for their employees. People who are part of a club or organization can wear them to identify members when on an outing or doing a fundraising event in the community. However, getting custom tee-shirts can be expensive if you request screen printing in New Port Richey, mainly due to the necessary set-up costs.

Fortunately, there is a newer, less expensive way to create custom tee-shirts. Direct to Garment printing uses digital technology to put images directly onto tee-shirts. Since there is no set-up required, the process is faster and less expensive than using the screen printing process.

What Does Direct to Garment Mean?

Direct to Garment, or DTG, printing is a process of printing on garments, and other textiles, using modified inkjet technology. The printers that are used in this process are descendants of the original desktop inkjet printers. It is a digital process and it requires the use of a mechanism to pass the garment through the printer and inkjet textile inks that quickly absorb into the threads of the garment.

The textiles for this process are usually made from cotton or cotton blends. This process is best for small custom tee-shirt orders of about six or so shirts. Larger businesses or organizations that may be ordering hundreds of shirts, or other garments, should use screen printing for their orders.

Advantages of DTG Printing

It can be very difficult to order a small number of custom tee-shirts if you are using the screen printing process. If you do order just a few garments, the price will usually be cost prohibitive. However, by using DTG printing, you can order a minimum of one shirt for a reasonable cost. In addition, since there is no set-up for DTG printing, the turnaround time on orders is very quick. You may be able to get your shirt as you wait for it.

Unless you are using just one or two colors for your shirts, it is cheaper to have use the DTG process for multicolor runs. This is especially true when you need to order a small amount of shirts for your business or for your organization. It can be very expensive to screen print a multi-color logo for just a few shirts or garments.

The digital files used for printing a logo or image and are easy to edit or modify before applying the image to the garment. With more creative professionals using digital software, DTG printing is the most logical process for creating custom garments.

Most business that offer screen printing to design and create custom garments also offer Direct to Garment printing for their customers with smaller orders.

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