Creative New Ideas for Breakfast Dishes Using Smoked Maple Syrup

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When it comes to making breakfast for your family, are you looking for some fresh ideas? Maybe you want to prepare some dishes that will surprise and please your loved ones. With a little creativity, you can come up with a breakfast menu your family is sure to love. Look at three ideas to try the next time you make breakfast for family.

Put More Fruit on the Plate

Grapefruit, oranges, bananas and cantaloupe are all traditional fruits found on a breakfast table. Why not go with something out of the ordinary next time? Blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, pomegranate or raspberries are all fun fruits to put out for your family members to try. Making fruit available at breakfast is another way for your family to fit a serving of fruit into their day right away. Plus, fruit brings a lot of healthy color to the table setting the right tone for the day.

Add Syrup for Extra Flair

Whether you make pancakes, French toast, eggs or sausage, syrup can add flair to your breakfast dish. Your family members can pour the syrup right onto their plates or keep in a dish on the side for dipping. Smoked maple syrup is one example of a unique type of syrup to serve with breakfast.

Make Eggs in a Different Way

If you always scramble eggs for your family, try preparing them a different way. One idea is to make shirred eggs and serve them in ramekins. Or, make eggs sunny side up or put them in a delicious recipe for quiche. Challenge yourself to learn how to make your eggs in fresh new ways!

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