What to Know When Shopping for Engagement Rings

by | May 28, 2014 | Jewelry

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Engagement Rings have been a tradition since Ancient Roman times. Throughout history, they have played various roles of importance in the ceremony and customs involved when people decide to get married.

For most of modern history, engagement rings have typically been some variety of diamond solitaire set on a gold or white gold band. This became the quintessential engagement ring that most people wanted to have. It was simple, but beautiful and went with everything and everyone.

For people today, engagement rings aren’t one particular kind of ring. Many people like the idea of engagement rings that better represent their personalities. As a result, today’s rings are varied in material, design, and color. Some people choose a colorful engagement ring, with popular gemstones like sapphire, amethyst, and pink diamonds.

The stone may be the wearer’s favorite color or their birthstone. Rings may have a solitaire, or multiple gemstones and diamonds, or no gems at all. A plain band may be worn, or culturally significant designs, such as the Claddaugh ring which is associated with Irish heritage.

Some love the natural look of an engagement ring crafted by a boutique-style jeweler. These rings often feature raw diamonds or gemstones and precious metal bands with organic shaping. Some are customized for the wearer and feature motifs like leaves, flowers, or heart shapes.

Older styles of rings are also popular, and many people will go to antique stores, estate auctions, and flea markets in search of a unique engagement ring. Some people prefer antique rings for the stories behind them, while others may enjoy their Art Deco and Victorian designs. Similarly, many people use engagement rings that have been passed down through their families. These can be quite special, as they have a personal history to them.

Many still prefer the classic designs of more traditional engagement rings. They can add some personality to their ring by choosing a colored diamond, moissanite, or a combination of gemstones and diamonds. With a variety of options available, people can find a ring they like that’s also affordable. People may buy engagement rings at commercial jewelry stores, boutiques.


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