Air Guns: A Popular Hobby with a Noticeable Kick

by | May 15, 2014 | Shopping

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If we are lucky, some of us may remember growing up and the feeling when we unwrapped our first soft air guns for Christmas or on our birthday. We can still recall the shrill “pop” when the BB would exit the barrel and our amazement at the ability to knock over a few empty cans from ten or twenty paces away. Indeed, the allure of this hobby has not dulled with age. Thanks to the presence of such companies as Airsoft GI, these amazing items have entered into the mainstream culture like never before. So, what has caused such a surge in popularity in these recent times?

Better Then Ever? Well, Yes

One of the first aspects that we will notice regarding the newer models of these air-powered guns is the massive variety that there is to choose from. While twenty years ago only a few pump-action models were available, the 21st century has ushered in a world where the replica is king. From exact replicas of an M4 carbine to a Soviet-style AK-47, the choices that we now are privy to seem boundless. The same goes for the latest in handguns. Models such as the M1911A1 right up to a .50 calibre Desert Eagle replica can be found easily. If we combine this availability with a high level of craftsmanship and durable components, it begins to become clear why soft air guns from Airsoft GI have become famous amongst children and adults alike.

A Cut Above the Rest

Also, these guns excel not only in the appearance and durability, but in their levels of safety. In the past, a BB gun could have been pumped up well beyond its safe limits; possibly resulting in accidental injury. Do to the way that modern guns such as those produced by Airsoft are manufactured, the velocity of the projectile has definite limits. In fact, even the type of projectile has changed; plastic, paper and rubber alternatives are all quite common.

As technology continues to advance and the popularity of such guns increases, it can only be expected that future generations will be able to enjoy an even wider selection of safe and reliable replica firearms.

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