Plan Your Next Outdoor Event around Beautiful Wicker Furniture

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Furniture

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The next time your friends or family suggest a get together, volunteer your backyard and invest in some beautiful outdoor wicker patio furniture. There is no better time to invest in patio furniture that will last for years to come, and give you a great reason to invite friends and family over. Wicker furniture is some of the easiest furniture to take care of since it can be washed with mild soap and water. Wicker is a term that should not be confused with a type of wood. It is easy to confuse wicker with being wood, but it is actually a weaving process. Most wicker furniture is built with extremely sturdy frame of aluminum that is rust proof. This is why it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and still retain its beauty. This is especially true for synthetic wicker, which is a type of wicker that is coated with resin to help it retain its resiliency.

Plan Ahead to Create a Beautiful Wicker Patio Collection
There are many pieces of wicker furniture available that can help you create your own unique furniture collection for your patio. Love seats, sofas, and loungers can be placed within the center of your patio in the colors of your choice. You can even order custom cushions of varying sizes. There are many choices available and you can pick and choose patterns and colors to your heart’s content. When you work with the manufacturer, you will find that they are ready to help you create an extravagant back yard patio set that leaves you the talk of the neighborhood. They can even help you find all of the necessary pieces you will need for entertaining purposes such as dining sets, bar height dining sets, serving console tables, and planters.

Sturdy Furniture that Graces Your Patio or Deck
Wicker furniture is perfect for decks and patios. In the past wicker brought forth the idea of weaker furniture that easily fell apart with constant use. This is not the case, however. Today synthetic wicker is stronger than ever. Polypropylene that is hand woven over an aluminum frame offers even more support that is especially resistant to harsh weather. Synthetic wicker does not need to be repainted due to chipping and fading, since being coated in resin protects it immensely. In fact, it is rather light weight and easy to store so you can use it indoors, as well. So order gorgeous cushions in stripes, solids or floral patterns along with the wicker furniture, and get ready to host gatherings of family and friends.

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