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We Buy Gold in Surprise, AZ: A Basic Guide on Selling Gold for Cash

Google “we buy gold in Surprise, AZ,” and the search returns a large assortment of potential leads. Regardless of where one goes to sell gold, there are certain criteria that gold buyers always look for. Here’s a quick primer on what to anticipate.

The Midas Touch

Gold at high levels of purity turns heads no matter what shape it’s in. Owners of odd and unusual objects made of pure gold should definitely consider selling when fast, cold cash becomes a sudden necessity.

Buyers are also interested in the more common pieces that tend to sell consistently: wedding/engagement rings, cluster rings, cocktail rings and class rings. Pins, brooches, necklaces and pendants are quite salable as well. So are gold coins, metals and statues.

Less than perfect gold pieces can also fetch good prices from fair, experienced buyers: scrap gold dental, unmatched earrings and even damaged jewelry like broken chains and rings missing stones. New, vintage, antique and estate are all welcome.

Paying for Purity

Many factors affect gold prices. Purity tops the list. “Karat” is the measure of gold purity, and each piece’s number of karats denote parts of pure gold per 24 parts total. A piece consisting of 18K gold is therefore 18 karats pure gold and 6 karats other metals and alloys.

Karats matter. The higher the karats, the more likely a buyer is to offer more money for a given piece. Providing the gold specimen in question is real, there are no hard and fast rules that determine its exact cash value. One has to merely meet with the buyer and negotiate.

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