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Keep Your Nose Ring Discreet with a Pompano Beach Nose Ring Retainer

You love your nose ring. That doesn’t mean everyone else does. There are occasions when it is best to keep your nose piercing out of sight. You don’t want to walk around with a bandage on your nose. You’re looking for a discreet option. A retainer nose ring could be the answer for you. Choose the right color and no one will even notice it is there. It’s perfect when you are work, going to school, or out at a formal occasion where nose rings are not recommended.

Protect Your Piercing While You Make it Practically Disappear

Once your nose piercing has healed, you will want to protect the opening in your nose. If you take your nose ring out during the day while you are at school or on your way to work, you take the risk of your nose ring closing. A retainer nose ring will keep your piercing open. You can get it in a variety of sizes, such as 16-gauge, 18-gauge, or 20-gauge. Choose a clear retainer to ensure your piercing will not draw attention. It is appropriate in any situation when your nose ring can not be worn.

Take Care of Your Nose Piercing with a Quality Retainer

Before you select your retainer nose ring, remember that it should be made from quality material that will be sanitary. Clear bioflex is a good choice. You’ll be comfortable, keep your piercing intact, and make sure no one sees your piercing remains under the radar. As soon as you can show it off again, just remove your retainer and insert one of your favorite nose rings. Learn about your options at BodyJewerly.com by going to www.bodyjewelry.com.

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