Tips to Ensure That the Cash for Gold Business is Legitimate

by | Jan 10, 2012 | Jewelry

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Economy’s loss has been gold owner’s gain. This is what Bloomberg News had to comment on constant rise in the gold prices for the past three years. Mercury News published the aforementioned comment in October 2011. Doubling of the gold prices over the period of 2008-2011 has also sparked a wave of thefts. However, informed sellers end up making huge profits instead of getting cheated. To ensure that the cash for gold, business you are dealing with is legitimate, you can follow use few some tips by the experts.

What to Look for in Legitimate Cash for Gold Business

Here are some instructions you need to follow when you looking for fair cash for gold business:

1. Refinery

Find out if the company you are dealing with has its own refinery. Dealing with a cash 4 gold company that has its own refinery eliminates the need to pay extra to the middleman. Sellers sometimes earn up to 100% more dealing with such companies than what they get when selling to a middleman.

2. Customer support

While shopping online, you require a more robust customer support to ensure that the transaction is safe. You would want to get all your questions answered promptly. Find out if the company facilitating cash 4 gold has a 24×7 helpline number. Also, send a mail to the buyers and see if they reply quickly or not.

3. Shipping insurance

Good cash for gold companies readily insure their carriers to a certain amount in order to have their customers protected against losses. However, there are also cases where customers can ask for additional insurance when dealing with more items.

4. Return policy
Most of the reputed cash 4 gold companies that have a return policy ensure customer satisfaction. Be sure to choose a retailer who offers at least 10 days of time to return the check from the date of issuance. Also, find out if there is any restocking fee. Reputed cash for gold companies would return your package free of charge.

5. Gold Parties

A large group of sellers can find a company that deals with hosting gold parties. Gold parties are a lucrative option for sellers, especially the host. Established companies would also bear the food and beverages expense throughout the party while allowing you to make business connections.

Pay a visit to websites belonging to reputed companies before you choose a final portal. You must also make sure that the company offering cash 4 gold you choose accepts online transactions and helps you hold gold parties.

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