How To Get Rid Of Your Rats With Rat Control Roseville

by | Jan 9, 2012 | Pest Control

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Rats are probably one of the most dreaded, unwelcome creatures we want scampering through our home. If you find out have a rat problem, contact rat control Roseville. It’s important to get your rat situation under control. Rats carry disease, leave droppings, make noise and can damage your home. Rats can be found in the insulation of walls or ceilings or in basements and attics. They also hide in cupboards, bathtubs and shower stalls. If rats are outside of your home but still nearby, they tend to live in garbage cans and under rocks in the garden.

Rats typically come into your home looking for food. If you have a pet and you leave it’s food out, the rats may try to come in and get it. They also like to look for food in your garbage cans. They eat what we do so if you suspect you might have a rat problem, don’t leave food out on the counters. Make sure your cereal, grains, crackers and cookies are all in sealed containers. Make sure the pet food is kept in a sealed container as well and only leave out as much food as your pet will eat.

For more rat control Roseville methods, contact an exterminator and follow some tips to help prevent future problems. To help keep them out of your yard, keep garbage can lids tightly closed. Since rats like to burrow where it is moist and warm, plant bushes so that they will be growing at least 3 feet away from your exterior walls. Don’t leave woodpiles out in your yard. Take it to the dumps. Use rodent resistant composts. Make sure to cover all openings that lead into your house. Rats can find their way in through any crack or crevice.

To keep rats out of your sewer system, keep your kitchen sink sterile and clean and try not to use your garbage disposal too often. Rats can follow that broken up food through your plumbing. This is also a reason you should not put grease down your drain. Rinse out your kitchen sink with bleach every couple of weeks. Keep your toilet lid shut when you are not using it.

One of the best ways to trap a rat is to use the simple wooden snap traps that you can buy in stores. Bait it with some apple or bacon and put the trap where you have found rat droppings. This is one way to catch rats. Some people think poison is the best way but it is not recommended because the rats may die in hard to reach areas and all you will get is a foul smell of the decomposing rat. If poison is used, keep it away from children and pets. It is best to contact rat control Roseville to help with serious rat problems.


Rat Control Roseville – If you have rats, contact a rat control Roseville company today. For tips on rat control Roseville, contact an exterminator and they will be able to help you with the problem.

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