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by | Aug 20, 2012 | Gifts

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Flowers are a gift from God to the human race and they have been used in various special occasions like wedding ceremonies, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, to name but just a few. Flowers Indianapolis, are also used to brighten up our lives. If you do not have an occasion to celebrate, it does not mean you cannot buy them and spruce your home or office space.

Apart from the sheer beauty of flowers Indianapolis, it is important to know the different meaning each flower has and what their colors depict. It can be very discomforting to send flowers to someone only for them to convey a different message rather than the one wished for. Therefore, different kinds of flowers and their color meanings have been dealt with in summary below.

  • The rose flowers have been used for centuries and each color has its own meaning. A red rose depicts love and romance and is an excellent choice to send to the love of your life. On the other hand a pink rose signifies affection and fun. In addition, a white rose is a symbol of purity, chastity and virtue. And lastly, a yellow rose is a sign of friendship and is an excellent choice for cheering someone up, because of its bright color. Furthermore, the yellow rose can be sent to someone in hospital, it will cheer them up.
  • Like the rose flowers, the carnations come in a range of colors and they too have different meanings attached to them. A white carnation signifies faithfulness, good luck and innocence. Unlike the yellow rose which signifies friendship, a yellow carnation is a symbol of rejection and should be avoided if you are trying to patch up a relationship gone sour. Since it is believed that, the pink carnations first blossomed when the Virgin Mary wept for her son Jesus when he was being crucified, they are used to symbolize a mother’s love for her children. And the light red carnation is a sign of appreciation and admiration.
  • Apart from being a source of food and cooking oil, the sunflower signifies respect, happiness and is appropriate to send to someone in hospital as a get well soon message.
  • The daisy flowers with their tiny nature are a sign of wholesomeness and virtuousness, and are an excellent choice to add to a wedding bouquet.
  • Unlike the other flowers, chrysanthemums are mostly used for funerals. The white ones stand for grief, loss and death. Therefore it will not be taken lightly if you send these flowers to someone in hospital; although your intentions are pure, the receiver will not understand.
  • The gladioli flowers stand for earnestness and honor, making them an excellent option to send when you are sympathizing with someone.

If you want to make a statement with the right Flowers in Indianapolis, visit our website for more insights on the type of flowers and what to use for every occasion.

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