Installation And Dismantling Tips For Your Portable Tradeshow Displays And Others

by | May 18, 2015 | Electronics

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Whether you want a portable tradeshow display, custom island or modular inline versions, you need to understand about the installation and dismantling process before making a decision. In most cases, the moveable version will be perfectly fine and may be more cost effective. Some businesses don’t have to worry about the expense, but those that do may find the modular or island options too expensive when it comes to setting up and tearing down.

Custom Island Exhibits

If you have the money and crave the attention-grabbing nature of custom island booths, then you’ll need to hire professionals to install and dismantle your exhibit. Mainly, this is because the display is very intricate and includes many different pieces. Learning to do it yourself could be an option, but it will likely take a long time to master, and you don’t want to still be setting up while everyone else is selling and getting potential clients.

Because of the intricacy of the exhibit, you’ll need it to be sent to the event earlier than usual so that the professionals have enough time to set it up. However, once you and your team arrive, it will be ready to use so you can focus on gathering leads and networking.

Inline Trade Show Booths

If you prefer modular inline booths, you can set it up yourself, but you’ll want to arrive earlier. These booths typically have back walls and other options and may require special tools. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure you have the tools with you or may want to store them with the case when they aren’t being used. This display type can be very lightweight and easy to set up if you choose the right manufacturer.

Movable Display

Portable tradeshow displays are typically the easiest and least expensive option available. For those who are new to the trade show experience or just don’t prefer to do many of them, this option may work correctly. You probably won’t need any tools for the setup or tear-down process, and it can usually be done in a few minutes, even if you don’t have any experience. You won’t have to arrive hours before the event in order to set up, so you can get there, set up and start selling your products.

Portable tradeshow displays are typically the option that most businesses choose because you can reuse them, and they are easy to transport. No matter what you want, you should consider Exhibit Wholesale, as they offer many options.

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