Improve LEED Ratings with ScuffMaster Paints

by | Sep 22, 2014 | Home and Garden

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The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines to property rating can have an impact on market price. If a home or commercial property for sale is in a market where competitive options are listed as a “sustainable” building, your offering may be discounted. The LEED framework provides guidelines to environmentally sound construction. Buildings evidencing LEED certification are those that have been audited for energy efficiency. An industry leader in exterior and interior paints, ScuffMaster offer LEED certified product guarantee.

LEED Certified Paint Products

Evaluation of paint products for LEED certification is a simple method of adding value to a home or commercial property rehabilitation project. If improving a building’s prospective sustainability is a core priority on a project, look for products marked with the LEED rating system of credits. Paint seller offering regional green building information usually supply details about product scores.

When painting a building, look for products specifying that they contain Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) materials. Paints with a VOC mention have reduced chemicals that maybe harmful to the environment. VOC paints support better indoor air quality during the painting process, and inside for occupants on completion of application.

ScuffMaster Paint Products
If Scuffmaster defines environmental sustainability, the performance of these high quality VOC paints is unbeatable. Water-based and low VOC, the paint is a polyurethane formulation that can be customized to match any color desired, including metallic or pearlescent finishes. Their patented primer and bonding solution can be applied to almost any prepared substrate, and are manufactured and tested in adherence with fire performance requirements.

The global leader in LEED certified paint systems in comparative review with competitors, ScuffMaster offers higher environmental ratings. These paints and finishes are in conformance with LEED Credit EQ 4.2 – Environmental Quality, Low Emitting Paints and Coatings; LEED Credit – MR 5.1 – Materials and Resources, Extracted and Processed Locally; and LEED Credit – MR 5.2 – Materials and Resources, Extracted and Processed Locally.

ScuffMaster paint and products are ASTM D 1308 stain removal approved. ASTM D 2486 tested, these durable products come with a 10 year limited warranty. In addition to LEED criteria, most products offer Microban® Antimicrobial Protection for indoor spaces requiring sanitary maintenance. Virtually odorless, these products are the true “green” paint product.

For the longest wall protection life cycle, and sustainable return on investment, these paints and finishes outperform competitors in cost comparisons. If you are looking for the best quality wall paint on the market, ScuffMaster is the most recommended contractor-grade application available to consumers direct. Eliminate the risk of chemical emissions while painting. Use these VOC paints and finishes, and protect your walls, and your health, for life.

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