Understand The Four C’s Before You Start Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings

by | Sep 22, 2014 | Jewelry

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If you are ready to propose to the love of your life, you need to find the perfect engagement ring that reflects your love. You want to find an engagement ring that you can picture your love wearing for the rest of her life. Before you step out the door and start shopping for the perfect Diamond Engagement Rings, make sure you understand what you are looking at.

As you start shopping for diamond engagement rings, sales people will often ask you about the “Four C’s.” The Four C’s are cut, color, clarity and carat. The most important of the these is the cut. The cut will determine how much the diamond ring you choose will sparkle on your woman’s finger. The better the cut of the diamond, the more brilliant the ring you choose will appear. A high-quality, low carat diamond will look a lot better than a higher carat, but low quality cut diamond.

After cut, color is the next most important quality when looking at diamond rings. The finest cut diamonds are colorless and are generally considered D to F grade diamonds. G to J grade diamonds are near-colorless. Finally, M-K and Z-N cut diamond have noticeable color in them. The most common color in diamonds is yellow.

The clarity of a diamond refers to how perfectly the diamond has formed. Many blemishes on diamonds are hard to see with with an untrained eye. The higher clarity rating a diamond receives, the more expensive the diamond is to purchase. Any nicks or chips will take away from a diamond’s clarity.

Finally, a carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Diamonds range in size from a fraction of a carat to several carats in weight. Often times, when looking at a ring, you will be told the total carats of the entire ring, instead of just the carat of one particular stone on the ring.

Make sure you understand the Four C’s of diamonds before you start shopping for an engagement ring. You can find diamond rings at Surat Diamond Jewellery. The experts at Surat’s can walk you through finding the right cut, color, clarity and carat to express your love with. Surat Diamond Jewellery offers world class service to all of its customers.


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