How to Clean a Glass Bubbler Pipe

by | Nov 15, 2014 | Tobacco

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Glass is a good material when it comes to manufacturing pipes, but it comes with one main challenge- cleaning. You need to put some effort in order to make sure your glass bubbler pipe remains clean. Doing this cleaning will require a lot of patience and care. There are things that you should avoid when cleaning your glass pipe so that you don’t cause any damage or leave stale air inside. Here are a couple of tips to help you out as you clean your glass pipe.

1. Before you start shaking the glass pipe, make sure you put it away from the faucet. Shaking the glass pipe with the faucet could end up damaging the pipe. You may even encounter an injury if you don’t shake the pipe carefully.

2. You can use rubbing alcohol and salt to clean your glass pipe. This is a cheaper alternative if you don’t want to buy the cleaning solution that is normally available at your local store. But make sure you mix them in the right proportions. You need two parts of alcohol and one part of salt to make this cleaning solution.

3. When salt is used to clean the glass bubbler pipe, it acts as an adhesive. It quickly scrapes the resin off the glass when you shake the solution leaving it sparkling clean. Alcohol on the other hand is used to dissolve the resin.

4. Also consider the concentration of alcohol that you are going to use to clean the glass bubbler pipe. 91% alcohol is usually best, but you can always get something stronger for better cleaning.

5. If your glass pipe is really dirty and requires thorough cleaning, it’s best to get a cleaning solution designed for this job. You will have to shop around for the best cleaning solution online being offered at an affordable price.

6. You will also need to clean the down-tube and slide of the bubbler. Slides can also be cleaned using alcohol, but they are a little more difficult to clean because they get into contact with a lot of resin due to the heat.

7. You may also want to invest in a pipe cleaner that will help you to clean the bubbler thoroughly on the inside areas such as under the carb. Using a pipe cleaner, you can get to all those hard to reach areas inside your bubbler and make it look clean like new.

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