Tips on Choosing the Perfect Lookalike Handbag

Lookalike Handbag

Lookalike Handbag

Fashion trends change frequently and with every season a new fabric, color, or design becomes more popular. It is the same in case of handbags which is a popular accessory amongst most women. Women’s handbags are made from different materials like leather, fabric, plastic and others which give each piece a different look. While the designer handbags are a beautiful piece of art by themselves, they are mostly used as an accessory to complete the ‘look’ of the evening. This is the reason why many women lookout for bags that match their dresses or outfits. These are more popularly known as lookalike bags.

Often designers, who are creating a dress, also stitch a handbag to match with the dress so that it is a complete outfit. However these are mostly done for celebrities or for a special few based on a request. For others who choose their lookalike handbags to match their dresses here are a few handy tips:

  • If you are wearing an embroidered dress, make sure that your handbag is also an embroidered one. If you can pick up one whose thread color matches the color of your dress, then you have just got the perfect fit!
  • Similarly if you are wearing a velvet dress, then you must make sure that you get a velvet handbag or a handbag with velvet patchwork done on it.
  • If you are at a loss about buying the perfect handbag, then you can go for a stone studded version which is readily available. To complement your handbag, you can also wear a pair of stone earrings and get a co-ordinated look for yourself.


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