The Value of Micheal Jordan Memorabilia

by | Mar 2, 2012 | Fashion Style

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The name Micheal Jordan has become synonymous with the professional sports industry. Millions of people watched this athlete rise from a rookie who stood out in basketball to the all star player which he became. During his career in basketball, Micheal Jordan amassed a variety of trophies and accolades for his performance on the court. As such, there is a large variety of Micheal Jordan memorabilia which can be found on the market today. And like with other collectible items there are ways to determine what items are valuable and which items are worth very little.

What Is The Item?

The object which is in question is the first factor in determining the value of your Micheal Jordan memorabilia. Companies which produce items for the sporting goods industry made a variety of objects which are dedicated to this player. The things that you can find in the world with a picture of Micheal Jordan are as small as a key chain or as large as a life size cut out that depicts the player. So the actual pieces that are found will have many different values. It is best to do some research on the object to help determine exactly what its worth. There are some items that may not retain in type of value or increase in value as they get older. Therefore, you should do research on the item its self.

Check The Date

When collecting any type of sports memorabilia the date that the item was produced or signed by the player can make a big difference in its value. This is due to the fact that some games are more significant than others. When the player was involved in a game to determine the season champions, the value of the item goes up. And if that particular team won the game the value of the piece will grow exponentially. So you will always want to take the date of the item into consideration when trying to ascertain the value of a Micheal Jordan collectible.

Get It Authenticated

Due to the fact that Micheal Jordan memorabilia is highly collectible, there are many forgeries on the market. People will take authentic items that portray the athlete or his number and place a fake signature of the item. Then they will pass the fake off as the original and make a lot of money. But the buyer is in for a surprise when it turns out to be fake and in turn, worth nothing. It is very important to authenticate any object that is said to be signed by the player. An authentication specialist will charge a small fee to verify that the signature was made by Micheal Jordan and not forged by someone else.

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