Different Types of Fashion Bags Are Available To Suit Your Needs

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Fashion Style

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Fashion Bags

Fashion Bags

Most women are hardly ever seen without their handbags in tow. It is a basic necessity that also doubles up as a fashion accessory for all occasions. Some women are so particular about their handbags that they keep collecting various types of handbags which would go well with a particular outfit. Due to the rising demand for these fashion bags, more and more designers are entering the market with their creations. Here is a peek into the top five types of fashion handbags that are doing the rounds:

Shoulder bags – these are the traditional handbags that have been used by women for ages. They have long shoulder straps and can be easily carried around even when you are carrying other things in your hand. They are mostly used by working women since they are practical for everyday use.

Handheld bags – this is more of a purse which women carry in their hands. They have small straps and can be carried for various occasions. Since they are smaller in size, they are mostly lightweight and come in various styles.

Clutches – these are fashionable handheld bags with no straps and are used for cocktail parties or other formal occasions. You will notice women carrying it under their arm and they are mostly gorgeous and flashy in appearance to look like the perfect accessory for a special evening.

Tote bags – this is another practical design of bags which are available in various sizes to suit the occasion. The smaller versions are suitable for an evening party while the midsized ones are meant for everyday use.

Now that you know about the various types of fashion handbags that are available, visit your nearest store and take your pick!

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