The Elegance and Beauty of a Half Cup Bra

When you need to purchase a half cup bra, you do not have to sacrifice the beauty or elegance of this piece of lingerie. In fact, with beautiful fabric and embroidery, a half cup bra can provide an aesthetically pleasing look that compliments all types of clothing. Some of the most captivating designs include complimentary light shades of embroidery on rich dark fabrics. Select tones that compliment your skin and can go from daytime to nighttime with ease.

The Perfect Bra with a Half Cup

The perfect bra with half cups features molded underwire for support. Non-padded cups tend to be sheer with a light and breathable fabric. Stretch cups made of tulle also make the fit perfect, especially for chests that are not quite even. Not only does it make your chest look spectacular, you get the support you require from a full cupped bra, and the coverage you need from a half cup. Seams that run vertical along the cups also add shape and support.

A Custom Fit Made Simple

Some ladies require a half cup to firmly fit their chest with the understanding that they will not need to adjust their bra a lot during the day. When elastic is sewn into the top cup and along all the edges and sides, you are assured a custom fit. Elastic keeps cups in place in a gentle manner that does not leave uncomfortable marks that mar skin and make women shove that particular bra in the back of their bureau so they can forget about it.

Stylish Bras with Great Functionality

When a bra designer uses lace appliques for accents, they are giving their designs a stylish appeal. Bras are for more than just the perfunctory uses in a wardrobe. They can give women a sensual style that makes them feel confident and sexy. This is especially true for bras that are half cup with straps that are adjustable for the perfect fit. Bra designs that lay flat under clothes are made with seams that are low-profile. When you put on a half cup bra made from top lingerie designers, you are assured quality clothing that functions with many parts of your wardrobe, as well as being worn alone for a sensually satisfying sexual appeal.

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