There are different types of slip resistant shoes

Slip resistant shoes are often called safety shoes, as the name implies, these are shoes which have soles which are designed to resist slipping. These types of Footrest shoes come in a variety of different styles and are used wherever slip resistance is important, this can be sports or construction.

The soles of slip resistant shoes are made from a rubberized material. The sole is of one piece design, it is molded to meet the design of the shoe. The design is such that the wearer is protected from slipping and the design provides extra traction as well. It is the sole of the shoe that provides the slip resistance and depending on the purpose of the shoe, the sole can be thick as in the case of construction safety shoes or somewhat thinner if the sole is for an athletic shoe. The upper portion of the shoe is independent of the sole and can be made from different materials including leather, vinyl or even mesh.

Depending on the purpose, slip resistant shoes come in a number of different designs. Loafers and oxford styles are popular for work purposes but they are also readily available for use for sports and are made in both low and high-top styles, both of which help prevent a fall. In many cases, shoes that are designed for winter wear will have slip resistant soles. These shoes often have a thicker sole and are well insulated to protect the wearer from the frigid winter conditions.

Although slip resistant shoes are often associated with construction boots, they can also come as a dress shoe. Many people have problems with their footing and rather than risk a fall by wearing shoes with traditional leather soles, they will opt for slip resistant materials and designs. These types of shoes are often found in the range of designer shoe manufacturers and can be quite expensive.

Footrest shoes have a full range of safety features over and above the slip resistant soles. These shoes are worn in hazardous locations such as construction sites and as a result the soles provide protection from electrical hazards but they are also extremely comfortable, designed to be worn for many hours on end on unforgiving surfaces.

Hytest Footrest shoes are available for both men and women. These shoes are waterproof and resistant to oil, abrasion, metal chips, chemicals and are slip resistant.

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