Tips For Choosing Beauty Products In New York For Dramatic Looks

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Beauty Products, Shopping

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New York is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and provides residents and visitors alike with a never ending selection of nightclubs, theatres, upscale restaurants and clubs to dance the night away. Finding beauty products for New York nightlife that give you that dramatic look doesn’t have to be difficult if you use a few simple techniques.

Focusing your look to be truly your own is the best option. Wear what you feel comfortable with and you will feel sexy, beautiful and confident, the perfect combination for a night on the town.

Enhance Your Lashes

Most women are not born with naturally thick, long and dramatic lashes. When you are going to be out for an evening you definitely want to use beauty products in New York that will bring attention to your eyes. While you can use mascara, especially the blackest blacks to create a dramatic look, faux lashes are also a good idea. These lashes come in a range of styles to include both length as well as thickness for that very eye catching style.

Eyes that Pop

Using a dramatic color of eye shadow is another excellent use of beauty products for New York style. Consider a bright pink, blue or gold or go with a smoky eye look with black, lilac or rich browns. The darker colors can be accentuated with the bright colors, just remember to keep the darker colors to the crease and along the lash line for that sultry effect.


For a night look with beauty products in New York you have to choose a dramatic lipstick. This can be a matte color that adds that classic look or a rich red that makes your lips look luscious for the entire night. However, for a really unique look you may want to consider a green or blue lipstick that is perfect match for the hottest looks in the most fashionable clubs in the city.

Choosing beauty products for New York evenings means that you can be as daring and creative as you want. You can also choose to wear your favorites and stay more demure and classic, but it is fun to try something new and get out there are live life to the fullest while you are in the Big Apple.

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