Quality Oak Barrels, Better Tasting Wine

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Home and Garden

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One simply can’t make a fine wine without a fine barrel. HarvestExpress.com is proud to offer excellent oak wine barrels for sale, and provide the expert service on which you depend for ensuring your wine is of the highest possible quality.

According to many wine authorities, oak barrels are the best means of aging a wine. They create the best tasting beverage, with complex tastes and beautiful colors. This goes for both red and white wine, and no matter what wine region a grower might inhabit. Of course, it’s never as simple as just putting the liquid in the wooden barrel. One must consider the age and grain of the oak, as well as its type. The size of the actual barrel is also important. All factors must be examined in the context of the particular grape.

Generally oak wine barrels use wood originating from three global regions: France, The United States of America and Hungary/Eastern Europe. French oak tends to be the most popular. French oak wine barrels have either small or loose grains, with the latter also being ideal for whiskey aging. Some say that the flavor of French oak is more subtle in its added flavor compounds. American oak comes in many varieties, though is more commonly used for aging whiskey and bourbon than wine. It gives a lot of flavor, such as dill, vanilla and coconut. It also imparts a certain ruggedness. Eastern European oak is similar to those used in French oak barrels, though it’s less expensive. You can think of it like a grade between the French and American oaks.

Harvest Express features a wonderful selection of oak wine barrels for sale, as well as racks and spigots. Opt for a barrel as small as three gallons, or one as large as 59 gallons. As always, we are glad to assist small wine makers and large commercial vineyards. In another vein, quality oak barrels help to create the setting of a vineyard. While synthetic materials can detract from the gentle vines in your garden, oak barrels are well suited to the organic nature of grapevines. Each of the five senses can be delighted by our oak wine barrels.

Don’t wait another day to start building your collection of wine barrels. The oak wine barrels for sale at Harvest Express are always of the highest quality. If you have questions about our barrels – or any of the other supplies on our site – feel free to get in touch over the Internet or during our telephone hours.

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