Pretty, Memorable and Enduring: Baby Jewelry

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Gifts

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If you are tired of looking at the stereotypical baby gift choices, why not take another approach? If baby shoes, baby clothes, baby bedding and even baby toys leave you feeling cold, why not opt for something a bit more sophisticated; something a tad more memorable? Why not consider the enduring and unforgettable gift of baby jewelry?

What is Baby Jewelry?

Baby jewelry is jewelry designed with babies in mind. It is something that they may or may not wear as a baby. Yet, many pieces and types of jewelry are designed specifically with babies in mind. They feature hypoallergenic metals and materials. They have safety clasps. All edges are smooth – never sharp, never presenting a danger to the baby.

Types of Baby Jewelry

This type of jewelry can be gender specific. It can be designed specifically for a certain baby. It can also be gender and name neutral. Among the most common types of jewelry available are:

* Bracelets – may bear the name of the child or simply the gender
* Bangles – a definitely feminine gift can be carved with the name, gender and/or a sentiment
* Necklaces – may have the birth stone of the child or a specific favorite gem of the family
* Pendants – can contain a lock of the baby’s hair, a picture of the baby and family etc.
* Rings – can be engraved with date of birth and other information. Usually put aside to be worn at a later date.
* Earrings – particularly favored by those who pierce the ears at an early age

They can be personalized with names and genders. They can also feature birth stones. Some can be designed to be worn later as a charm bracelet. You can provide the bracelet and the first charm. Add one every year on their birthday. Could anything be more memorable or beautiful?

Why Choose Baby Jewelry?

Baby jewelry tends to be elegant. It is a sophisticated and durable gift. It can provide long-lasting memories for you, the parents and the baby. Overall, buying jewelry for the newborn child is done to indicate your appreciation and love of the parents and their child. It also indicates the care and thought you put into choosing a gift.

The birth of a child is a special occasion. Help celebrate this date. Giving baby jewelry is one way to memorialize the birth of a child for ever. It is a gift that will give extra special meaning to the day – not only for the parents, but for the baby as he or she matures and truly begins to appreciate what she has received from you on his or her name day.

If you are thinking of giving Baby Jewelry as that special present, why not check out what we at GoToBaby have to offer. Our truly unique gifts are sure to satisfy the tastes of any newborn’s mother. Let us serve you. Visit us at Gotobaby. to learn more.

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