Tips for Mounting Outdoor Speakers

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Shopping

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Outdoor speakers are good for a great listening experience outside the house. However, while indoor speakers have walls and ceiling to reinforce, reflect, and contain the sound, outdoor speakers are placed in open spaces, presenting a different listening environment far from the indoor atmosphere. Before you place your outdoor speakers in strategic places, you need to verify suitable places where you can mount them for better listening experience. While your supplier can recommend a good outdoor speaker for you, it is upon you to determine a suitable place within your compound in which to mount the speakers. These tips may be of great help:

* Speakers mounted higher provide better sound quality than their low-mounted counterparts. Ensure you mount your outdoor speakers high but do not go beyond ten feet up. A range of between six and eight feet is preferable.

* Set your speakers about 12 feet from the listening area, and about eight to ten feet from each other. For a large area to cover, you can add more speakers instead of increasing the volume. This will ensure a consistent sound volume within the coverage area.

* Placing your outdoor speakers near a wall can enhance the quality of sound they produce.

However, remember that these are just guidelines, so you do not have to be exact. Observe the geography of the compound where you want to mount your speakers if you find a suitable location for the outdoor speakers, go ahead, and mount them. It is also advisable to preview the mounting process by putting the speakers in desired places before you fix them permanently.

Walk around the listening area and get the feel of the sound from the speakers. If the sound quality meets your expectations, go ahead and mount your outdoor speakers permanently. On mounting the speakers, determine a suitable spot and if possible, provide some overhead protection for your speakers. This is good for cushioning them against elements. Most suppliers provide mounting brackets along with the speakers. You can seek help from a quailed technician to mount your outdoor speakers securely.

Another tip for mounting your speakers is that you should secure them on strong wooden or concrete surfaces. Light surfaces made of aluminum or cedar sidings may not be strong enough to hold your outdoor speakers. With these tips in mind, you can know where and how to mount your speakers securely for a better listening experience.

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