Finding an Elegant Wedding Ring at Gridley CA Diamond Palace

Old is the new trend in everything this year. Many of the stars this season are frequenting thrift shops and sporting antiques which can be anything from purses to prom dresses. Some of these beautiful items are used just as they are but many have been modified to fit the star’s personality. Weddings are no exception to this trend. Everything old is new. Many brides are opting to wear gowns that have been handed down from previous generations, whether it is the Fifties, the Twenties, or even the Eighties. Jewelry is one place where the trend to go with the traditional is gaining momentum. Grandmother’s or even Great Grandmother’s ring has become the ultimate prize in a modern wedding event.

If a bride has not been lucky enough to inherit a special ring for the ceremony, there are still some amazing options. Gridley CA Diamond Palace is a very specialized company that has several ways that a bride can either find or create a ring that is unique. The Diamond Palace buys antique jewelry. They have an amazing selection of rings in styles from many eras. If you are looking for a large pretentious stone from the Seventies you will find one. If you are looking for the delicate details of the 1940’s they have several rings to choose from. If you are a fan of the Twenties they will have rings from that era too.

They also have the technology to create a ring just for the bride to be. A technician using CAD software can add any details that a customer would like to include to the wedding ring. When the technician and the customer have finished the design a wax model is created so that the customer can be sure that the ring is exactly what he or she was expecting. With the final approval the ring is poured, the jewels are set, and the customer ends up with a ring that is entirely unique.

The final option available is a selection of beautiful rings that have already been created by the jewelers at Gridley CA Diamond Palace.

If it is old or new, all that a bride has to do is imagine what she wants and it can be found or created for her by this unique company.


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