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If you are a big fan of Mario Balotelli, then pick up an ac milan BALOTELLI jersey to show your enthusiasm. Well-known throughout the football world, the design for the AC Milan 12/13 Home Soccer Jersey is a celebratory homage to the club’s origins and traditions. The launch of the ac milan jersey was through a worldwide campaign with one goal in mind: remind Italy and the rest of the world that Milan is one of the game’s most successful competitors.

The campaign centers around the rediscovery of the Milan Cricket and Football Club. It all began many years ago in the historic center of Milan. That was when Herbert Kilpin, the famed founder of the Italian club, once stated: “We are a team of devils. Our colors are red as fire, and black, to invoke fear in our opponents.”

Today, the traditions still stand. The current jersey is an impressive crimson and black. There are five alternating vertical stripes in total, including three black and two red. The new jersey also features the Italian flag stitched in the middle between the stripes. On the front side, this detail presents itself as a green oblique insert, with another red one, inset with a white neck.

The polo collar is also back, in a stylish white, with neat shoulder pieces. Sponsored by Adidas, the shirt sports signature white sleeves on the shoulders -; three in total. The words “AC Milan” are embroidered on the back collar. The jersey also has the AC Milan team badge placed over the heart and the Adidas logo beside it on the right. The Fly Emirates sponsor logo is screened across the center chest, and Mario Balotelli’s number, 45, along with his name, is printed in large letters across the back.

This shirt was tailor-made for soccer. It includes mesh under the arms and behind the neck for added ventilation, and is a must-have for any sports enthusiast or fan.

In 2012, Mario Balotelli had an impressive run during the European Championship. He played a big part in helping Italy make it to the finals. In 2013, AC Milan announced that the team would sign Balotelli onto a four-year-deal. Show your support for this fierce player by rocking an ac milan BALOTELLI jersey.

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