Raincoats for construction workers

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Shopping

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Thank goodness there are men who will work outside everyday of the year, regardless of the time of year or the weather. In the summer you will see these guys often stripped to the waste, going about their tasks, whether it is building a house or drilling an oil well, it is important work, work that must be done to make life for the rest of us comfortable and enjoyable. When the heavens open and it begins to rain, these guys need construction rain gear that can live up to the task.

Those folks who work in an office can usually make do with an umbrella or at most, a light rain coat. Not so those who toil in construction. They may put up with a drizzle, but they have no option but to keep working when the drizzle charges to a downpour. This is when construction rain gear comes into its own.

Men who work outdoors work with their hands in most cases. Whether they are wielding a hammer or baiting a hook, they use their hands. The wet weather gear that they wear has to give them freedom of movement; if they have to climb then they cannot have their legs hampered with ill fitting clothing.

The gear a construction worker leans toward is something which first and foremost will keep him reasonably dry and secondly it has to be comfortable and non-binding. Construction rain gear consists of a raincoat, rain pants and Souwester rain hat. Although rubber boots are part of traditional wet weather gear, there are times when they are not applicable on a construction site, but, most heavy duty construction boots are designed to function as well in the wet as they do in the dry.

The construction worker prefers a shorter raincoat as it is less constricting, but then they are faced with exposing parts of their back. This problem is solved simply by wearing a bib and brace, a style of rain pants that look all the world like bib overalls, except they are lightweight and waterproof. For those construction workers who must work directing traffic where road construction is going on, the rainwear is usually in a highly visible color such as neon yellow, thus providing protection from both the rain and the vehicles.

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