What Is the Procedure for Selling Dental Gold?

Dentists often have old crowns, bridges, and other dental scraps they need to sell. With the prices of precious metals soaring, it’s an excellent time for dentists and individuals to consider selling dental gold. The process is much easier than you may imagine. Here is the process to sell dental scrap and capitalize on incredible prices.

Research Potential Buyers:

The first step in selling dental gold is locating a reputable buyer or refinery. Check out the vendor’s reviews to learn more about how they deal with customers. It’s also a good idea to work with companies that have already established solid relationships with professional dental organizations.

Discuss Prices with the Refiner

It’s best to work directly with a refinery, so you’ll get more for your metal. A refiner melts and assays the scraps to determine how much precious metal each piece contains, so you get paid for the actual weight, not just an estimate. Once the refiner determines how much gold the scraps have, they will weigh it and pay you the going rates.

Online vs. in-Person Sales

If you are local to a refinery, you can package the gold pieces securely and take them to the refiner. Most refiners will also deal with you through the mail. Selling dental gold online is much the same, except the pieces must be packaged and mailed to the vendor to be processed. A reputable vender will pay you as soon as the gold content has been assayed.

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