What is an Ipe deck?

by | May 11, 2016 | Shopping

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If you have an elegant home then you most certainly want an elegant deck to compliment it. If this is case then Ipe decking wood is the ideal choice.

Ipe is a very hard wood that is sourced from Central and South America; it is renowned for its durability and resistance against the build-up of mold, rotting or insect infestation. Ipe is a renewable resource which is abundant in its native areas; it has become an eco-friendly alternative to other hardwoods such as oak and maple.

Ipe decking wood is low maintenance and extremely beautiful:

Ipe hardwood has a color that favors reddish-brown hues; it is an extremely beautiful wood that can compliment any home. It is an ideal choice for decking; it is very easy to maintain, extremely durable and long lasting. As Ipe has a tight grain and is very dense it is ideal for use in extreme weather conditions, the tight grain also makes it quite resistant to slipping which is a very important safety feature.

The benefits of choosing Ipe decking wood:

There is no down-side to Ipe when used for decking; it is extremely strong and very beautiful. The wood is resistant to insects and any weather and requires little in the way of maintenance.

  • Insect resistant: Every homeowner fears the thoughts of his or her home being attacked by insects. Not only does insect infestation upset the normal course of daily living, it can be a difficult and time consuming problem to solve. Eliminate the problem before it starts by using Ipe decking wood.

  • Heat resistant: Ipe wood reflects heat rather than absorbs it, the result is a much cooler deck surface even on the hottest days.

  • Strength: Ipe can withstand a considerable weight, it is resistant to the constant movement that is expected of a deck and the material is not prone to weathering.

At first glance Ipe decking wood may appear expensive but when you factor in the life expectancy of the deck as well as the low cost of maintenance over the years you will quickly realize that it is an excellent choice, giving the homeowner very good return on his or her investment.

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