Now You Can Wear A Hat That Lights Your Way

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Electronics

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Have you ever watched an old movie from last Century when supposedly high-tech robbers were performing a heist in a well-protected museum? How often did you see those same experts in their field holding a high-powered flashlight in their mouths as they negotiated the various security features? It’s not that uncommon a sight even in everyday life. When you need extra light from a flashlight but also need to use your hands, the chances are that your mouth becomes the best method of keeping the light steady. Not that this was ever very successful (or hygienic) but there’s weren’t too many other options. The invention of the miner’s light that was strapped to the forehead was a step in the right direction, and still remains popular in camping circles. However, with the constant improvements in technology, these clumsy methods can be a thing of the past.

Wearing a state-of-the-art hunting hat

If you’re a hunter, you need both your hands at all times. The same is true for making a fire, cooking food over a campfire, or even walking in the dark with a load to carry. New LED technology has already upgraded the humble flashlight into an amazingly bright, easy to carry, and long-lasting device. Imagine if you had LED lights somehow built into your clothing, so that they’d constantly be able to light your way?

This is exactly the case with the LED hat that has lights concealed it in. You can choose from different styles such as a beanie, or a traditional baseball cap. With the baseball cap, the LED lights are concealed in the brim, and you switch the light on only when you need it. The light emitted can be so strong that it will light up to 30 feet away, and most will work for up to 24 hours continuously. Batteries are required, but there will be a discreet hatch where these can be slotted in.

The best part about the LED hat is that it is simply an item of practical clothing until you need the light, so it’s remarkable versatile. Whether you’re hunting, camping, jogging, or even working under a car, this hat will prove invaluable and will make every chore much simpler.

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