What Flowers You Should Expect From a Florist in Tokai

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Shopping

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It’s obvious that we should all expect fresh, beautiful blooms and blossoms when we order a floral arrangement from a florist in Tokai. But what you may see online isn’t always what you get. We at The Cape Town Florist have been in the business for well over ten years, and are still stunned when we see inferior flowers be sent by less than reputable companies.  Below are our tips for customers when it comes to ensuring they receive the best and freshest flowers possible.

Flowers Should Be Received Just Before Blooming

The floral arrangement that you receive should just be on the brink of going full bloom. If you or a recipient of the arrangement are delivered flowers that have already bloomed, then you are significantly reducing the amount of time you have to enjoy the flowers. This brings us to our next point:

Flowers Should Last Four to Five Days

Assuming that they have not gone to bloom when received, your flowers should last close to one full week when properly cared for. The flower delivery company will likely send along proper care instructions for your blooms (i.e. when to clip the stems, specialised flower “food” to add to the water, how often the water should be changed, etc.) that will help extend the life of your arrangement.

Flowers Should Not Have Brown Spots

The flowers that you receive should not have brown spots on the petals, leaves, or stems. This will greatly affect the appearance of your arrangement.

* Brown spots will cause some flowers to droop or fall prematurely

* Flowers that don’t fall will continue to become browner

When we create our arrangements, we hand select our flowers and remove that are not fresh or have diseased blooms that we feel can affect the quality and appearance of the bouquet. This means that you receive or send an arrangement that will beautify the room it is set in for as long as possible

Questions to Ask Your Florist:

We welcome questions from all of our customers. Whether speaking to us or to another flower delivery company in the Tokai area, asking the right questions can help ensure the best arrangement possible.

* What Flowers Are Fresh Today?

Depending on the day, some flowers may be fresher and ready for an arrangement than others. In order to get the most out of your arrangement, try to incorporate the freshest flowers of the day in your bouquet.

 * What Flowers Would You Recommend?

We at The Cape Town Florist love sharing our experience and creativity with customers. Our staff offers knowledgeable suggestions and recommendations to customers so that they end up with the right arrangement for the right occasion.

* When Can You Deliver?

The best flower delivery companies offer same-day delivery to ensure the best quality product possible. For every order made before noon, Monday through Friday, we offer same-day delivery.

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