What Exactly Is a Fantasy Dagger?

Edged weapons have been used for thousands of years in human combat and for other purposes. There are many different variations of edged weapons that have been used throughout time. Long, straight swords are commonly associated with ancient Europe but China had long, straight swords as well. China also had shorter broadswords. Thick, curved swords called scimitars were common to the Near East. Spears and bows were more commonly used in Africa. The list goes on. The point is that edged weapons say something about the culture that created them. The polearms of Europe indicate that horseback combat was common and valued. The short bows of Mongolia and Northern China indicate the same. This means that a blade can tell you about a culture. However, what about a fantasy dagger?

Fictional Weapons

Since the weapons created by a society say so much about them, the same is true of a fictional culture. Therefore, writers of fiction often create unique weapons for their cultures. These weapons are often exotic and somewhat impractical. Also, they tend to be imbued with supernatural or highly technological potential. In order to attempt to replicate those, a manufacturer might create a fantasy dagger. These fantasy objects are often designed to mimic the fictionalized weapons.

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Functional Fictional Daggers

A fantasy dagger does not have to just be a great mantelpiece. If you want a dagger, you can often choose a fantasy replica that is actually functional. When made by a quality bladesmith, they can be functional as well as fictional. In fact, some of them might even feature elements that are more functional than the daggers designed by real cultures. You should look into different fictional dagger options.

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