Trendy Small Dog Clothes

by | Nov 8, 2011 | Pets

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Small dog clothes are all the rage for those who love showing off their pet. Whether you have a dog that loves the attention or one who loves going low-key at home, there are many small dog clothes to choose from. Small dogs get cold easily, so it’s okay to keep a small dog covered with clothing for the majority of the day. You do not want anything that is too constricting or heavy on your small dog. Many dog clothing brands make clothes exclusively for small dogs. This means the clothes are specifically designed to fit small dogs. With these specifically designed fashions for small dogs, pets can move freely.

Halloween costumes – Everyone’s favorite clothing item for small dogs is Halloween costumes. There’s just something adorable about a small dog dressed up as a pumpkin or a witch. Some Halloween costumes for dogs are just one piece, so it’s easy for your dog to maneuver while wearing the costume. Others have a hat or accessories, but are never made of items a small dog might swallow. A Halloween costume on your small dog is great for a fall or Halloween greeting card or for a Halloween party. Some pet stores and spas also host Halloween costume contests for dogs and small dogs.

Pajamas – Pajamas have become a hot clothing item for small dogs and why not? Small dogs are already cuddly and pajamas make them ready to snuggle at any moment’s notice. Pajamas for a small dog offer a light layer that is great during cold weather. Dogs are able to move freely and stay active throughout the day even if wearing the pajamas for extended periods of time. Some pajamas for small dogs have sleeves and legs, so the small dog’s entire body is covered with a layer.

Hoodies and jackets – These clothes are popular for a daily walk during the fall and winter months. If your area is in the 50’s or lower, you may want to pick up a hoodie or lightweight jacket for your small dog to wear when outdoors. This light layer is enough to keep a dog warm, but allows them to play and run without the bulkiness of bigger jackets. While your dog may need a heavier jacket during the brunt of winter (December through February), a hoodie or lightweight cotton jacket will work for the majority of the year including the transitional months. A hoodie or jacket with snaps at the tummy will be the easiest to get on and off your small dog.

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