Tips to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes when Decorating a Cake

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Shopping

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A beautifully decorated cake can be a true work of art; however, it is all too easy to make a disastrous mistake and ruin the entire thing when you are under pressure. When you are aware of the most common mistakes, you will have a better chance of avoiding them. Use the information here to do just that.


You need to have the cake prepared in plenty of time before the event so that it can properly settle and cool before you begin to decorate it. You also need to allow for plenty of decoration time.

The Base

You need to be sure that you are using the best base for the cake that you are making. If you have a cake that has sank, then you should flatten it out when frosting or jam, or cut it down. If the frosting has begun to pull up a large amount of crumbs then add a thicker layer of icing initially and then add the main layer only after it has completely set.

Enough Icing

You should always be sure that you have enough icing and frosting to fully cover your entire cake, since it will appear uneven if you try to spread it too thinly. Additionally, the fondant icing will begin to tear and crack. It can also begin to buckle all around the base, but if you act quickly you can have this fixed by lifting up the icing and re-moistening or smoothing down the cake sides. If it has already set, then you may want to tie a ribbon around the cake in order to hide the issue.

Homemade Icing

If you plan to create your own icing, then you need to be extremely careful with the ingredients that you use. If you decide to substitute white chocolate for milk, or fat for butter, then you may get a much more runny spread. You should also be careful when melting the white chocolate since it will melt much more quickly than any other types.

When you use the information here, you can feel confident that your cake will look great and definitely impress. No matter if you are using fondant or decorating with Edible Flowers, using the right techniques is crucial. With the information here , you can have confidence that your cake will turn out just right.

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