Things You May Be Doing To Kill Your E Cigarette Batteries

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Shopping

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The new rechargeable Li-ion, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries are not cheap, but they will last for at least two to three years if they are cared for correctly. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the right ways to care for their batteries, and they may actually be damaging their batteries by doing what they think is right.

To help ensure your e cigarette batteries last as long as possible, make sure you are not making the following mistakes.

Storing Batteries Empty

While there is no need to have the batteries fully charged for storage, most manufacturers recommend at least a 40% charge on the batteries for storage. If you use the batteries in a regular rotation, there is nothing wrong with a full charge, but if they are going to sit for a long time a lower charge level is recommended.

Keeping Batteries in your Vehicle

One thing that is very damaging to any type of battery, including e cigarette batteries, is heat and direct sunlight. The dash of a vehicle, the glove box or even the console is going to become very hot, particularly in the summer months.

If you are keeping extra batteries in the vehicle, only store them there for short periods of time. Try to keep extra batteries in your desk, briefcase, purse or backpack to help to provide fewer temperature changes.

Not Cleaning Batteries

Any liquid, including e-liquid on the battery, is going to reduce the life of the battery. Immediately cleaning this liquid is critical, and then a complete cleaning when possible with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol is an important step in battery care and maintenance.

This will also help to reduce the residue that may transfer to the slots of the battery charger from used e cigarette batteries, ensuring that they will last longer as well.

Running Batteries Dead

Most people remember in the old days of the first cell phones. It is was recommended to run the battery all the way down before charging to prevent what was called the “memory effect”. This, over time, limited the charge the battery would hold.

With the new generation of batteries this is not an issue, but running the batteries all the way down will damage their ability to hold a charge. For those using mech mods carefully managing batteries will be essential.

Finally, and this is important, take batteries off the charger when they are charged. Leaving them on longer isn’t helping, and it may actually damage the batteries over time.

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