Sorting Out the Truth About Selling an Engagement or Wedding Ring

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Jewelry

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Are you considering selling an engagement or wedding ring? If so, you may have heard mixed advice and opinions about how to do so – and whether you should even be allowed to do so! Rest assured, there are answers to all your questions – and those answers are all right here.

Can You Sell an Engagement or Wedding Ring?

For most people, the only reasons they might want to sell a diamond ring such as a wedding or engagement ring is because the engagement or marriage didn’t work out. When this happens, the former fiancé or spouse may feel that they are entitled to have the ring returned to them, since they paid for the item. You may encounter people advising you that you cannot sell the ring for this reason.

The truth is, the law is fairly clear that if an item is presented to you as a gift, it is your property. Once something is your property, you are entitled to do with it as you see fit. The only reason your former spouse or fiancé would have a right to reclaim the ring would be if the two of you agreed to that circumstance beforehand. If that happened, they would still need proof of that arrangement. Otherwise, you’re free to sell that ring!

Where Should You Sell Your Ring?

Again, where you should sell a diamond ring is a matter many people around you may have their own opinion on – and they may share those opinions with you. However, you have the right to choose where to sell your jewelry.

The best place to sell a ring is to a professional jewelry buyer. These professionals will offer you appraisal and fair market value for your ring, which is something you might not be able to get elsewhere. Talk to your local jewelry buyer about your options. It may be easier to unload that unwanted ring than you ever imagined!

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