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If you want to remove concrete pathways of patios to make way for other home improvements then a concrete removal service is for you. However if you want to replace your concrete patio or walkway because of disrepair you may consider other short term solutions like resurfacing and patching.

Financially and physically it may make sense to get professionals for concrete demolition if you are also bringing in a professional to pour in new concrete. Some people may choose to go the do-it-yourself way. However concrete removal is a physically demanding job so to do it yourself may save you money but it will ultimately take longer and become more involving. You will need an extra set of hands. Hiring a professional concrete remover such as Business Name will save time and effort because he has the proper tools of the trade.

There are several conditions that warrant concrete removal. They are:

· Sunken slabs
· Deep and numerous settlement cracks (are cracks on the concrete due to soil settlement voids underneath it)
· The cost of patching or resurfacing concrete is not economical compared to professionally removing it and laying it a new
· In cold climates frozen moisture pushes up concrete causing frost heaves. Frost heaves distort the formation of concrete on the surface.

To correct these issues concrete has to be demolished properly.

Factors that affect the cost of concrete removal job

The permits: Some cities may require one to have permits for concrete removal.
Concrete area: The thickness and surface area of the slab determines how much work will be put into removing it. Thicker slabs cost more to remove than the standard thickness. Large areas are more expensive than smaller areas.
Type of concrete: There are two types of concrete reinforced and unreinforced steel. The former can be removed easily and cheaply with a pry bar and sledge hammer. Reinforced concrete means that it was installed using steel rods to stabilize it. Reinforced steel requires more work and special equipment consequently it costs more to remove.
Utility inspections: Before demolishing concrete, you must look for electrical wires or underground water main lines. This will prevent the exercise from damaging them.
Hauling and disposal: the removed concrete is waste that has to be dumped. The heaviness will determine the hauling mechanism and hence the cost. Another way to dispose of concrete debris is to recycle it. You may need to find a recycler for this.
Equipment: mattocks, pry bars sledge hammers, jackhammer, cutters, bolts, power wheelbarrows are used for concrete removal. They have a cost attached.

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