Popularity Contests Say Swisher Sweets Little Cigars Win

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Tobacco

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Swisher Sweets little cigars are incredibly popular, as the Urban Dictionary online has stated and based on how many songs, television shows and movies depict these sweet little smokes in their shows and tunes. While many people enjoy the differing flavors, others prefer all the various types of these Swisher Sweets. Still others truly enjoy the price tag, as you can usually afford to purchase five of these little cigars for the price of one large option. No matter your reason for preferring these small cigars, you are not alone.


While many prefer a mild and punchy flavor, which can be had with the natural, smooth and black versions, others prefer a fruity flavor that is light and delicious.

Fruit flavors include blueberry, grape, peach, strawberry, white grape and cherry. Other options include regular, toasted wood flavoring, sweet, wood-tipped and slim.

They are perfect for that quick smoke break at work or while walking to the restaurant from your car. Most states have gone smoke-free in their businesses, but with little cigars, you can ultimately have one anywhere you want because they are quick to smoke.


Swisher sweets are a little different from other brands, because they have multiple types from which to choose, which include cigarillos, mini cigarillos, cigars, snuff, smokeless cigars and even e-cigarettes. Whether you want something a little better for you, such as an e-cigarette or would prefer a long version of the little cigar, they have you covered.


David Swisher ran a wagon business in Ohio and was offered a small cigar business as repayment of a debt. Because the cigar business was small, Swisher accepted the business in lieu of payment and started selling the little cigars as part of their other products. The Swisher family started hand rolling their first cigars back in 1870 and could produce over 100 each day. After about 18 years, David’s sons bought the cigar business from him and called it Swisher Brothers. Through their factories, they were able to produce over 300,000 cigars daily. The Swisher’s were one of the first to use rolling machines and was even able to offer employment through the Great Depression. Over the years, the Swisher Sweets little cigars have changed names many times and changed the way they were made, but they are still the delectable and delicious cigars that you know and love.


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