How to Set up Fundraisers for Schools

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Shopping

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Many schools must have at least two fundraisers throughout the year to earn extra money to buy sports equipment, musical instruments or help send kids to special camps or events. If you are in charge of fundraisers for your school, you may be wondering how to set it up or what to do. Luckily, there are many great ideas out there to help.


If you would like to donate money earned from your schools to a special cause, you should decide on the cause first. You could choose to do something local, like raise money for a local animal shelter, or something more renowned, such as cancer or diabetes research. If it is a whole school event, you may have difficulty picking just one. Many schools prefer to have a local and national cause to support and split the funds evenly between them.

However, you are not required to donate money to other charities. If you need the money for necessary items in your school, fundraisers can be used for these purposes, as well.

What to Sell

The next thing to consider is what you are going to sell. For a fundraiser to be effective, you must try and sell something that people will want to buy. While you could do a chili supper or something along those lines, you have to have space to serve the meal and enough food for everyone. Selling items from a fundraising company can be easier for everyone.

Try to select a wide range of items so that potential customers have many options. While you may want to sell expensive items to get more money, those on a tight budget won’t be able to purchase anything and help your cause. Finding a catalog with higher-end items and lower-cost items is usually a better way to go.


If you are a student or teacher, you will need to seek permission from the principal. He or she will likely not have a problem with it, but they must know what is going to be sold and for how long. You will also need permission from parents so that the students can sell the items door to door or through family functions.


If you are selling items, you should have specific dates set up so that everyone gets the same amount of time to sell the same items. This makes it fair in case there are special prizes awarded for the most items sold.

Fundraisers for schools should be fun for those selling items. Consider selling items from Mixed Bag Designs.

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