"> Adding Weapons to Your Knife Collection

Adding Weapons to Your Knife Collection

When it comes to defending yourself in public, you may not feel entirely comfortable wielding a handgun. You may not want to go through the training that goes along with getting a conceal and carry permit. You also may not have the skill to openly carry a handgun when you go into stores or other public places.

Rather than having no weapon at all on your person to defend yourself with, you may be comfortable and proficient enough to carry a knife in your pocket or purse. You can find the right knife to add to your personal defense collection by shopping online for tactical spring assisted knives today.

Tactical spring assisted knives can be the right weapon of choice for you if you want something you can access and be ready to defend yourself with quickly. Unlike a handgun, which you would have to draw from a holster and take careful aim before firing, a knife can be pulled quickly from your hip pocket or purse. You can expose the blade in a matter of seconds and have the weapon pointed and ready to use against the person or animal putting your life at risk.

A knife is also lighter and easier for you to handle quickly and assertively. Firing a handgun involves recoil that can make defending yourself somewhat tricky and painful. Some types of handguns like Glocks and .45s are bulky and heavy, making them more difficult to wield than a knife.

You can find the right style of knife to defend yourself with by shopping on the website today. They come in a variety of lengths and widths. You can find the right style to fit in your pocket or your purse. You can also find knives that are easy to care for and built for durability.

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