Your Guide to Buying Culinary Knife Sets

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Shopping

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Knives are essential kitchen tools, and it doesn’t matter whether you are exploring a career as a chef or require a good set of kitchen knives for your home, you need to have the best. Nowadays, there is no shortage of culinary knife sets and its increasingly becoming hard to determine quality. If you are buying your very first knife set, this guide is for you.
How to Choose Quality Culinary Knife Sets

Below are some of the things you need to pay special attention to.
i.      The Blade:
There are different types of blades and the quality of the blade is determined by the material used to make it. Steel, ceramic and plastic are just some of the popular materials used. Steel makes the best blades and the cheapest as well. Ensure that the blade is sturdy and can maintain sharpness because some knives get blunt really fast. High carbon stainless steel sharpens with little effort. However, it also discolors but that does not affect the sharpness of the blade. Stainless steel will not discolor but you need to be careful because this material also creates some really cheap quality blades. Ceramic is also a good option. It’s rust resistant and does not lose its sharpness, however it can easily break.
ii.     Block Material:
The block of the knife is equally important and you need to get the right feel. The block needs to be comfortable and provide a firm grip. Various materials are used to create quality blocks and these include steel, plastic and wood.
iii.     Accessories:
culinary knife sets don’t just consist of the knives but come with accessories as well. This is what gives value for money and you will find knife sharpeners and knife storage included in the set. Others come with magnets that save space since the knives are attached to walls. When it comes to the accessories, this will really depend on your taste.

There are lots of culinary knife sets that you can go for and these come in various styles and colors. While it’s good to look for sleek designs and color variety, what matters most is the quality of the knives.



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