Where Can I Buy Genuine Mexican Groceries?

I don’t know about you; but, one of my favourite places to eat in is a good Mexican restaurant. My taste buds fell in love with Mexican food the first time I tried it and the feeling has not gone away since.

In fact, my love of eating in any of the Mexican restaurants around my locality was a major reason for me choosing Mexico for my vacation a couple of years back. On arrival, I was a little disappointed; the food there just did not taste quite the same as the Mexican food I loved back home. Fortunately, this new (to me) local flavor soon grew on me and I came to realize that what I was eating back home was an Americanized version of the real thing. Unfortunately, I soon decided that I preferred the real thing.

Restaurant Food Or Home Cooking

1. Fresh ingredients and Mexican Groceries were difficult to source locally.
When I returned from Mexico, I did not refuse to patronize my favorite Mexican restaurants but I did speak to their chefs and owners. Almost to a man they openly admitted that their recipes were, effectively, watered down versions of the real Mexican dishes. They gave two reasons for this –

2. They found that most of their customers actually preferred an Americanized taste.

This sort of made sense and maybe explained why I rarely saw any Mexicans eating in these places. So, did I have to move to Mexico or forget all about my introduction to the real Mexican food? I decided that neither option was viable for me and thought that the obvious solution would be to buy a book of genuine Mexican recipes and cook at home exactly what I wanted to taste.

Finding The Ingredients

My local supermarket has a section devoted to what they call “foreign food” so I thought that getting Mexican Groceries supplies would be a simple matter of picking them up along with my regular marketing. Well, that sort of worked and was a reasonable success as I started out on my self-taught cookery experience. However, as my culinary skills improved, I found that there was still something missing. With growing frequency, I found that each new recipe that I tried was calling for me to use Mexican Groceries that were not available in any of my local stores. Fortunately, I found out that you can buy food on line and have it delivered to your door; not only that, there are online stores that specialize in Mexican Groceries. So, my recipes never need to fail due to lack of ingredients.

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