Why online businesses can offer better value compared to high street stores

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Clothing

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With the rise of the Internet over recent decades, the business and commerce world has undergone a spectacular transformation that has seen a wide variety of industries taking to the online arena to conduct their business. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this switch to the Internet is customers themselves, as it means that they can do the vast majority of their shopping all from the comfort of their own computer. In addition to this, because hosting your business on the Internet is very cheap to do, commercial organisations have fewer overheads to pay off which means that they can offer their products at lower prices for customers. A huge variety of products are now available over the Internet, and it is becoming increasingly clear that the level of business conducted over the Internet is increasing year by year. Customers can purchase anything from John Lewis Party Dresses to new cars over the Internet, and the fact that it can all be done from their computer means that they can browse through far more items that they can in person. Undoubtedly, the fact that online businesses can offer better value on their products compared to your usual high street stores is one of the predominant reasons why customers have taken to online shopping. Continue reading below to learn more about why it is that online businesses are able to offer cheaper products compared to high street stores.

Far smaller overhead level

If you are a retail store, you have to pay ground rent for the building you are housed in in addition to many other maintenance costs such as lighting and heating. Businesses that conduct the majority of their commerce over the Internet do not have to pay all the costs of running a store, meaning that they can lower their prices as it is not necessary for their survival to charge a high rate.

You can compare prices easily

Online businesses also realise that there are many price comparison websites out there that automatically show disparities in price for all items such as John Lewis Party Dresses. This means that the incentive to keep their prices low is strong, and this reflects well on what customers pay for their products.

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